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Sports and Entertainment Industry

With the growth of Internet and other new communication technologies, the field of entertainment is increasingly tough to define. The culture in this industry is one of anti-corporate, studied casualness. There are uniforms: an ever-changing array of baseball caps and jackets in the music business. The industry is developing entertainment-driven strategies around its major sporting events on a global scale that is far superior than it was a decade or two ago.

With developing technologies on a daily basis, and the fleeting trends of an ever more influential and younger consumer base, the need to adapt is stronger than ever. Flexibility comes easier to businesses where decision-makers are fewer. InfoQuarter’s sports and entertainments Industry supply their audiences with large-scale sporting events, music concerts, TV situation comedies, and silver-screen masterpieces. Simply put, they're in the business of fun-at least most of the time.

  • sports and entertainment
  • sports and entertainment
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