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Bio Technology Industry

Industrial biotechnology holds a great promise to solve global challenges, offering new potential for meeting the world's demand for food, fuel, feed, materials, and more while reducing our impact on the environment. Industrial biotechnology solutions from InfoQuarter address markets such as personal care, animal nutrition, detergents, food textiles, carpets, and biofuels.

We trust that the answers to the greatest challenges facing humanity and the planet can be found through inclusive innovation by; combining with our expertise and working with our partner in chemistry, biotechnology and materials technologies, we can make the bio-based economy a reality.

Why InfoQuarter?

InfoQuarter provides you with the detailed data regarding all the aspects in biotechnology industry such as, the database of the employees in bio technology industries, based on geographical locations, and also the list of companies which manufacture the products related to bio technology also provides you with the list of customers or clients fetching for your service or product.

InfoQuarter can help you manage your database, verify and update database, Customize your solutions and more

  • Biotechnology induystry professionals list
  • Biotechnology induystry professionals list
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