Secrets of Procuring a Social Influencer's Attention

To draw an influencer’s attention is not as easy as one would think. If you want to win the heart of an influencer in your niche you need to show up and be seen among other stuffs which we will get to in a minute.

The simple concept is – Find an influencer in your industry with huge social following and fame within the industry.Firstly, you have to stop running after distractions and ignore the top level influencers of your industry.


'Digital Unicorn' Is The Upcoming Big Marketing Hire You Need To Cause

If a question arises, what is the next trend within Digital Marketing? The answer would be simply: Digital Unicorn. If you’re not familiar with this term, it is someone with public relations background but a firm grip on digital. This unicorn knows how to edit and shoot videos and can also code HTML.

All are well known about Google values quality content if you follow SEO industry.Days are long away passed where you can customize Google’s search engine with poor quality content.


Is your business in need of Artificial intelligence? Look how it helps you in staying ahead.

The Merriam Webster defines Artificial Intelligence – ‘as a branch of computer science, dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers; or the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.’ A lot of us are exposed to a large number of sci-fi films and books which employ miniature robots.We, as curious beings, are immensely intrigued by the abilities of these human- made machines.


Email Etiquette: Five Must Follow Facts While Writing an E-mail.

Wondering why writing a perfect email is so important for professionals? Yes, you are thinking right. Despite the fact that we are glued to our replies, career coach Barbara Pachter signifies saying that most of the professionals still are not aware of using email appropriately.

User is always attracted by your subject line; it gives a clear message of your whole mail.If you own a business or you are working for a company, always use company email.


Attract your Consumers, for Consumer is King

Consumer is King. Attracting the consumers and keeping them loyal is almost an art, which has to be mastered by all business organizations. There are two main kinds of customer relationships - Transactional and Experiential.

Another major manner to ensure Customer loyalty would be Transparency. The more the transparency of a company with her customers, the more would be the reciprocal faith and loyalty from the customer’s side.


Eight most effective B2B lead generation strategies

One of the most popular and successful way of marketing in today’s generation is B2B Marketing (Business to Business Marketing) – which works by the exchange of products, services and information between various companies and organizations.

Some of the world’s most valuable B2B brands include Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, SAP, HP, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, Siemens etc. So what are their ‘effective’ strategies that have lead them to be right on top of the list?


3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Importance of Inbound Lead Qualification –

In recent times, a lot of B2B Sales professionals have had to deal with the nagging worry of ‘bad sales leads’. However, instead of cribbing in vain about the so called ‘bad leads’, these Sales people must focus on finding the way to make these bad sales leads better, or even good. Now, how do we go about this?

One of the biggest reasons for complaints about ‘bad sales leads’, is in fact very simple, the lack of accurate inbound lead qualification.


Integrating Live Chat into your Business – Boon or Bane

Most of us swear by online shopping these days. From clothes and accessories to gadgets, electrical equipments, and even home décor items, we tend to depend on online platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, e-Bay and their million other counterparts.

Despite how advantageous and cost effective online shopping can be, it does come with certain detriments. For one, the items that we see in pictures online, can end up being very different from what they seem like.


Marketing Your App with User Generated Content

Have you ever wondered seeing so many followers for certain brands on social media? How do they get so many followers on social media? Most of our guess predicts to unique and engaging content by which users get engaged, more than that what users get attracted is the content by user themselves as they have real time experience using the product/service.

So now let us look how user generated content can drive traffic and improve marketing of your applications.

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